Top 9 Stock Market Trading YouTube Channels That You Must Subscribe

Top 9 Stock Market Trading YouTube Channels That You Must Subscribe

If there is one community that has benefitted immensely from YouTube, it’s share traders. A lot of influential and experienced traders are imparting million-dollar knowledge ABSOLUTELY FREE! What was once a highly guarded secret in the trading world, now is commonly accessible. Thanks to the masters who shared their wisdom to poor folks like me.

At The Alpha Return, we have carefully curated a list of the best YouTube Channels for fellow traders. I can vouch for the authenticity and credibility of these channels as I have been watching them for the last many years. The list is in sequential number, but that does not mean the ranking. All are equal. If a channel comes first in the list, it does not mean, it’s the best YouTube Channel for share trading.

1. Abhishek Kar 

One thing I would like to say is he is really a great storyteller, apart from being a super trader and mentor. If you want to know the dark side of trading operators and scams taking place, Abhishek Kar YouTube channel is a must-subscribe. He has got the depth, panache, style, knowledge, experience, skill to keep you hooked for an hour like a Netflix web series.

Playlists: Fundamental Analysis, Smallcase Review, Stock Analysis, Full-Time Trading Tips, Price Action Trading, Technical Analysis

What is Unique: Scam Series, Traders Expose.

2.  Elearnmarket 

Vivek Bajaj is the household name in India among share traders. If you don’t want to spend lakhs of rupees in training, just subscribe to Elearnmarkets by Stock Edge, I’m 200% sure that you’ll get more value. For retail traders, the world can be divided into two parts: Before Elearnmarkets and After Elearnmarkets. And I am saying this because what I learned through their Face2Face series, I could not learn in the last 10 years and even in the CFA course.

He has introduced many accomplished traders in the light who were doing stupendous work lonely. Videos of Chetan Panchamia, Pramal Parekh, Vishvesh Chauhan, Nitish Kumar, and Rishikesh Singh will simply blow your mind.  It’s like the video version of Market Wizards’ Jack Schwager.

Playlists: Financial Market, Niveshshala, Stock Market for beginners, Economics, Macroeconomics

What is Unique: Vivek Bajaj’s Face2Face

Playlists: Financial Market, Niveshshala, Stock Market for beginners, Economics, Macroeconomics

What is Unique: Vivek Bajaj’s Face2Face

3.  Bharat Jhunjhunwala 

He is India’s most accomplished RSI trading expert. Before watching his channel, I was totally unaware of the power of this widely used trading indicator, my perception changed completely after watching his videos. The depth of knowledge about RSI available in Google is just 10%, rest 90 percent resides in the mind of traders like Bharat.

Frankly speaking, I had not heard about many terms like range shift and many other terms, thanks to him it’s now part of my trading and investing strategy.


Popular Playlists: Speaking Technically,  Stock Charcha, RSI & ADX

What is Unique: It’s RSI, RSI, and only RSI

4.  Mukul Agrawal 

To be honest, I started watching this channel couple of months ago, and I liked it immensely.  From share trading courses for beginners, mutual fund investments, free technical analysis courses to IPO reviews, it has all the masala to keep you engaged with the channel. The style of delivery is almost perfect and video quality is professional grade.

Popular Playlists: Penny stocks to buy, IPO investment for beginners, Free technical analysis course

What is Unique: A lot of quality small-cap, penny stocks, and IPO review

5.  The Option School  

Though the number of subscribers is not that great, it’s unarguably among the best YouTube channels for practical knowledge about options trading.  However, those who know it, understand its worth.  You can find high-quality information about various options trading strategies.  It has both paid and free subscription options. A big differentiator for this channel is Options Adjustments. You can learn how to adjust options trade when it goes against your expectations.

Managing options is not easy and not many people teach this. Also, in the paid version, you can share your trade and discuss. It’s also highly interactive compared to other channels. They also believe in imparting knowledge.

Popular Playlists: Hedging Techniques, Lets Talk About Options, Options Trading Strategies Explained

What is Unique: The depth and width of information on options trading are amazing.

6.  Pivot Call

The tag line is ‘Bhav Bhagwan Che’ and he swears by it. It’s one of the best blogs on price action trading strategies. It offers both paid and free options. The fee to join the premium channel is slightly on the higher side, but it’s worth the penny. Though, unlike other popular channels, it has fewer videos; but the quality of information is good.

Popular Playlists: Live trading videos, EOD Analysis in Nifty

What is Unique: It’s simple.

7. Nitin Bhatia 

If you are looking for share market videos on YouTube, it’s not possible you might not have stumbled on Nitin Bhatia’s videos. It offers a sea of knowledge in trading, investing, and share market terminologies. With more than 9 lakh subscribers, it’s one of the largest channels in the share trading domain in India.

Nitin has a very calm and composed style of delivering information that is easy-to-grasp and in-depth. If you are new to the stock market, just watch all of Nitin Bhatia’s videos and you are ready to take the plunge.

Popular Playlist: Technical analysis, F&O, Weekly Vani

What is Unique: He demystifies complex concepts like a guru.

8.  Madras Trader 

Relatively a new entrant in the block, it has grown quite very fast. The channel by Rajan Rajkumar is thoughtful, intelligent, and in-depth. It separates noise and real knowledge. It has both free and paid subscription options.

Popular Playlists: Not Available

What is Unique: ‘Simply Price Action and Nothing Else’

9.  Sunil Minglani 

India’s only stock market psychologist is his tagline. Sunil has his own inimitable style of delivering knowledge and wisdom which is full of fun, anecdotes, yed carries deep meaning.  Once you start watching them, you are hooked instantly. His style is jargon-free and simple.  And, he is one of the most popular stock market trainers in the country.

Popular Playlist: Everything

What is Unique: Chat with Masters

Vikash Kumar

An investor with more than 15 years of experience in the market. I m deeply interested in positional and momentum-based trading strategies and love learning strategies and backtesting.

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