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This Top Metaverse Coin May Rise: GALA USD Price Prediction

GALA/USD Price Chart Analysis

Gala is among the top metaverse tokens and is considered very promising. However, it has corrected in a huge way after a peak of 0.8 on 26 November. The current market price is $0.48. A correction of 25-30 % and it is hovering around this price in just 8-10 days.

Since it has been launched recently, we have taken a 4-hour time period for technical chart analysis.

Gala Technical chart

As of now, it is clearly making a symmetrical triangle pattern and the base is taken from the launch date which makes it more trustworthy.

On the Fibonacci chart, it is near about 0.5 and consolidating around the level. Three alligator lines are also sleeping and becoming smooth. Though, it may consolidate for some more time before starting the northward journey.

Gala Price prediction

The Rate of Change indicator (RoC) has also gone up zero after consolidating for a long time.  Also, as evident, the volume has almost dried up. So, even a minor increase in demand will push prices higher.  RSI is also above 40 consistently after touching the low of 26.

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The best time to buy is when you get better confirmation after it resumes its bull trend, making higher highs after this token breaks out clearly and sustains from the bullish pattern.

Therefore, you can start accumulating at this level for a medium-term view. If it falls further, the risk is very low from this support level.

Gala Price Live Data 

The live Gala price today is $0.489174 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,055,001,800 USD. It is up 1.66% in the last 24 hours.  The total Gala market cap on  CoinMarketCap ranking is #48.

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