Anchored VWAP: The Trading Indicator

Anchored VWAP: The Trading Indicator That Mutual Fund Managers And FIIs Use

Do you really think you can make a lot of money with RSI and MACD? These are surely popular and useful indicators and I am not denying their credibility, the truth is only master traders like Vishvesh Chauhan or Pro RSI expert Bharat Jhunjhunwala make money. They have the discipline and rigour and they know how to use it effectively. However, a normal trader will only struggle. There is a less ...

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Gautam Shah

These 4 Stock Picks From Gautam Shah Can Make You Malamaal

Listening to Gautam Shah, the smartest technical analyst in India is a pure delight. With a smile, wisdom flows like the river Ganga. If you are attentive enough, you can easily get nuggets of gold and sometimes he is kind enough offers free advice for mere mortals like us. Just a few months back, he had advised about lapping up Tata Steel's share and since then it has more than doubled. But ...

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Candlestick Chart

What Is Open Interest (OI)?

Options data can provide many useful insights about the market. It is even possible to gauze market direction with predictable accuracy. How is it possible? Here is how you can estimate market direction with options data. How can we predict market direction with Open Interest? However, before that, it is important to understand the basic concept. Understanding Open Interest (OI) Open Interest (OI) tells you how many options contracts are outstanding in ...

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A High Performing Hilega Milega +Double Bollinger Band Trading Strategy

NK Sir, popularly known as Nitish Baba among his students, is one of the finest trading minds who has his unique inimitable strategies. And the best part is that he is generous enough to share his trading secrets and also mentor fellow traders without charging any money.  I too have developed this strategy based on the hilega milega foundation and added another double Bollinger band to make a powerful trading ...

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