DeFi or NFT: Why They Matter to Metaverse Ecosystem

Have you heard of? Do you know what they stand for? You might already be familiar with CryptoKitties that disrupted Ethereum’s ecosystem or Monero’s XMR coin which was the first currency to solve the anonymity problem in Blockchain. But are you aware of their latest projects impacting our daily lives? When Facebook first announced that it was making moves towards the blockchain and virtual reality space, the naysayers like myself came ...

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5 Metaverse Cryptos (Tokens) That May Explode Like Anything

In the following article, I explore Metaverse, non-fungible tokens and gaming, as potential long-term investments. Metaverse is the flavor of the season since Facebook announced it. Understanding Metaverse Metaverse is a blockchain-based virtual reality that allows for a shared Internet of Virtual Stuff. As Facebook did before it, Metaverse recently rebranded to a name that’s a lot more future-y and tech-y. Metaverse, by definition, is an alternate reality, but it is not the ...

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The Most Comprehensive Crypto (NFT) Guide to Metaverse

Metaverse is a term first coined in science fiction. It refers to shared virtual worlds where land, buildings, avatars and even names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrency. In these environments, people can wander around with friends, visit buildings and feel and touch anything they want. The Metaverse, with a capital M, is the idea that there will be one single virtual reality that people will participate in. They ...

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