Metaverse Play2Earn Supercycle Is Inevitable: Mr. Cicero New Year Message To Crypto Investors

Perception is more powerful than reality. I don’t mean any by that statement. I want to show you how influential news writers are. Motivated by Fear, Greed, Reputation, Knowledge, Understanding, many people are trying to create an atmosphere of fear around this industry to manipulate you into selling your assets. At the same time, they take advantage of the situation by buying in cheaper.

The same goes for the crypto industry. There is extreme fear in the market right now that we might head further down. Many of you are probably affected emotionally by the price action and charts. Fishes have already started panic selling while the whales have been massively accumulating.

You are affected emotionally because you are looking at the value of your portfolio dropping or rising. Why would you be doing that? There is no progress focusing on looking at the value of your portfolio other than to give you a dopamine rush. What you should be focusing on is educating yourself about this industry.

Some of you are probably still asking the same question. “Is the bull run still on?” I repeated countless times that it is guaranteed 100%. When it is secured and 100%, asking me again next month won’t change the answer. Why am I so confident that we are?

It’s simple. Like I said, the ones who craft perception are the ones who control the end result and outcome. Who’s crafting the perception? You know it. Put yourself in the position of a whale. What would you be doing now?

Evoke massive fear to the market, scare everyone into panic selling, influence perception that we are entering a bear market. When everyone starts talking about the bear market, retail fishes start panic selling. Why would whales do this? Because to maximize their profit, they need to accumulate more at lower prices. These are not just theories where I paint a nice story for u. It’s all proven in the on-chain metrics where whales are massively accumulating.

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What’s happening on the surface completely contradicts the activities that are happening behind the scene.Last year, I told you we 100% would break ATH in Q4, and we broke it. I told you we are in a guaranteed bull cycle; we still are. I also told you that we will enter into a super-cycle like never seen before.


But since this super-cycle has never happened before, the short-term price action and timeline cannot be predicted. The super-cycle is bound to happen.

Some of you may argue and say that the economy will crash this year, affecting crypto. However, you forget that this is the US election year. Politicians are all about optics and perception crafters. The economy will keep going up this year, at least until the election is over. Money will also flow into the crypto space when there’s a perceived healthy economy.

If the price drop affects your mental, it’s either you are doing futures play or your portfolio size is too big. Reduce it because peace of mind is more essential den profits.


Remember, make sure at least 50% of your portfolio to be in BTC. BTC will lead the way in the upcoming super-cycle. If your Altcoins portfolio is dropping badly, you can use some of your BTC to accumulate them but make sure it’s at least 50%.

Many Altcoins are dropping badly. While others are worried and fearful, I am glad because it allowed me to accumulate more while maintaining my 50% BTC ratio.

The metaverse trend will form a second wave. It is inevitable. Like I’ve said since last year, let the whales do their job to liquidate fishes. That’s what they are currently doing. So why are you panicking over something I told you about since last year?

Ignore the news, opinions by non-qualified people and perceptions crafted by the whales. Watch what they are doing, follow the smart money, accumulate more if you can. if not, STAY IN THE GAME

Make sure you don’t panic sell. Accumulate if you can. Just make sure you don’t foolishly panic sell. This is an extended bull run, which will last longer than expected.

Truly Yours

Mr. Cicero

Vikash Kumar

An investor with more than 15 years of experience in the market. I m deeply interested in positional and momentum-based trading strategies and love learning strategies and backtesting.

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