Mahendra Sharma, Financial astrologer

Mahendra Sharma: The Financial Astrologer Even Wall Street Listens

In the era when Rakesh Jhunjhunwala to a Twitter nerd have repeated ad nauseam that Mr. Market cannot be timed. When a large section of traders and investors frowns on the very idea of predicting future events, especially global markets, talking about predicting market moves using the moves of planets is like inviting a troll army. The reason is they consider astrology as an insult to their wisdom.

The best I can about them, they are ignorant people. Similar to investing and trading, financial astrology is also an imperfect science.

When a chartist or a fundamental analyst analyses a company and predicts the future pricing outcome based on past data, why not astrology. Even if it’s not accurate in daily trading or in a short timeframe, it can be extremely useful in identifying a broad market trend.

The most popular analytical tools currently available and used are based on probability. They are not science.

In reality, financial astrology can actually prepare you for the next market moves much earlier. Despite all criticisms, there are people who will force you to believe in financial astrology.

Mahendra Sharma is one such person who will force you to believe in astrology, even if you are a stern non-believer. His predictions are superbly accurate.

To his credit, he has accurately predicted both the start of the technology bubble and then its crash, the banking and financial crash in 2008 and the start of the metal cycle and many more.

His predictions were so accurate that people like Bill Murphy started talking about his predictions.

Such was his confidence that he predicted the market bottoming out on March 9, 2009, on a live CNBC programme.

That was absolutely bang on!

When everybody is trying to predict the market, they are doing it in their own unique way. They are using fundamental analysis, they are using momentum, a majority of people use trend following.

Similarly, I do it in my way through financial astrology. And I take pride that hundreds and hundreds of my predictions about the global market have come true.

financial astrology
Astrological zodiac signs inside of horoscope circle on universe background – astrology and horoscopes concept

I have successfully predicted all natural cycles accurately month after month in 2020 as well.  You can see that in my yearly predictions coming true year after year.

If you analyze 100 years gold chart astrologically, you will find similar planetary combinations during bubbles and crashes. Therefore, if you see a similar planetary congregation in the future, you can predict its outcome with a high level of probability. And, that’s how things work.

The process is not different from the statistical evidence analysts use while trying to predict the stock behaviour.

It has been observed that the price of any tradeable financial instrument respects supports and resistances.

Similarly, a financial asset tends to act in a certain way under the permutation and combination of certain planetary conditions.

So, what’s a trend, he asks and he then goes on explaining it in detail.

It’s a result of collective footprints of human behaviour, which is seriously affected by movements of planets, their transitions etc.

It has been observed that under the influence of a specific planetary congregation, the power of financial assets to attract people increases or decreases or remains neutral. That results in the creation or destruction of natural cycles. When the collective affinity of people toward a particular financial asset increases, it’s exactly the start of a bubble.

When people start disliking it, the asset goes out of favour, thus crashes.

“I am thankful that financial astrology had helped me identify   many such bubbles and crashes in the past much before when nobody in the Wallstreet was talking about, and with great accuracy.” 

So, what are the sectors that one should be invested?

Takes a pause, and then he gives the gem: medical devices. It was the area I was talking about for 3-4 years; its time has finally come, and that’s one area people can look at.

What’s about cryptos from the astrological perspective?

Oh, this is one question that everybody is asking. My natural wave cycle is telling that the right time to get invested in it will be 2026-2028 when there is a high probability that it will be legalized or something will happen that will give it legitimacy.

Till this time, I’ll not recommend putting your hard-earned money into these highly volatile digital assets.  At best, you can put 5 per cent of your entire portfolio into it—that’s all.

Where is NASDAQ headed? What are the levels you see?

I clearly see it touching 25000 in the next 3-4 years, and there is no doubt about it. There can be a severe crash after that. So, technology stocks are a good place to be in for the next 3-4 years.

What’s your long-term view of the market? 

After COVID, medical and healthcare have become very important. It has also fueled the demand for tech solutions. So, that also seems logical from common sense investing.

I am clearly of the view that it’s better to remain long in the market while not trying to short it. It can be hazardous.

Let’s come back to India, which sector you are bullish on?

I think the realty sector is looking very good and planetary conditions are looking very favourable. Investors should keep an eye on this sector.

What makes you worried about the world?

I see that 2026-2030 is not good for planet earth. Many natural disasters may hit the world. That’s one area people should clearly see.

EV and Semiconductor are other stocks I’m extremely bullish on. .

Sun will be changing houses tomorrow which is a bit important. Semiconductors are performing well and they will more than double in the next year. EV and battery areas will also do well.

Note: You can listen to the entire interview at Top Traders Unplugged, a famous podcast. The interview has been taken from this place. We owe a lot of gratitude to Niels Kassatrup Larsen

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