Looking to Invest in NFT?  These 3 NFTs Must Be On Your Radar

NFT market saw its first major investment in 2021, despite some ups and downs. Three months ago, monthly sales volume was $59.2 million. Today, it’s $2.6 billion, according to trading site NonFungible.

The market for digital assets — assets that use blockchain technology to verify ownership — was relatively slow at first, but it has been growing rapidly.

Several months ago, sales volume was at $59.2 million a month. Recently, the value of these tokens has started growing eliciting interest from investors across the world.

In a short period, many projects have come issuing tokens, it is unlikely that they will be able to bring these tokens to an exchange. The first step here is to look for companies that have near-zero competition in their space.

Here are some profitable opportunities in the NFT space:

No#1 CloudFlare NFT

Cloudflare is an infrastructure play in NFTs. The company’s Stream feature lets video creators tie content to NFTs, ensuring only those with an NFT token will have access to a video.

The company’s security and performance services power more than 24 billion internet requests per day, and the company has 2.8 million customers across the globe.

What CloudFlare NFT Does

The best part of the Cloudflare NFT is that it tries to explore the use of the technology in its business model. This allows it to find new ways they can use NFTs in the future. Cloudflare Stream has been helping creators publish their videos online without having to think about video quality, device compatibility, storage buckets or digging through FFmpeg documentation. These creators want to be able to claim ownership of their works and assert control over how that should be used.

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That’s a big deal — this makes it possible to transfer ownership or sell the video. And because NFTs are built on Ethereum (or another blockchain that supports smart contracts), the creator can add computer code (even if they don’t know how to do it).

This new technology eliminates the need for different stages of contract negotiation, means that you can do more business with the same people, and makes possible the transfer of ownership or sell of any type of digital asset.

This is important — video creators can now transfer ownership of their content, and still collect royalty payments every time the video is resold or rented.

Tokenized digital assets are just one potential application of the company’s infrastructure, but it’s an important step toward making its technology relevant to a wider audience.

One token may not seem like a lot of money, but if you keep buying one token after another, eventually the sum of those purchases could be meaningful.

No# 2 EBay NFT

eBay, one of the oldest online marketplaces, is taking a crack at creating its own non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are a category of tokens that have become popular in the cryptocurrency space. As of now, most NFT transactions rely on cryptocurrencies.

eBay is taking a different approach, focusing on the dollar value of its products rather than cryptocurrency.

eBay is now offering digital assets for sale, but it’s done so in a way that allows buyers to use fiat currency. This could make it easier for more people to buy its assets than if buyers had to use crypto.

As the cryptocurrency market goes through wild volatility, it may be a time for some kind of stabilizing force. eBay could be a buyer, and a highly liquid one.

Many experts however doubt. A company like eBay that is in the middle of a transition to a new business model may not be entirely ready to adopt a host of disruptive technologies all at once.

No.# 3 Sandbox NFT

Since this particular blockchain-based virtual world allows users to buy, sell, and develop digital assets in the form of a game, SAND has gained 13% over the last seven days. It is currently trading at 0.682 (in US dollars).

SAND has risen more than 13% in the last seven days and is currently trading over $ 0.682. It had an all-time high of $ 0.9327 (March 2021) and an all-time low of $ 0.

This virtual world that has been around for less than a decade allows users to buy and sell digital assets. Overall, it has gained more than 13% in the last seven days and is currently trading over $0.682. The all-time.

What is Sandbox NFT

  • Sandbox is redefining gaming with its play-to-earn approach which gives users a full gaming experience, alongside an opportunity to earn from their creations.
  • As blockchain technology progresses, many projects are being developed to tackle the gaming industry. But Sandbox is unique because it offers a full gaming experience while also giving players the power to earn from their creations.
  • The Sandbox team has been lauded for its improvements to the platform. They have also partnered with Skybound Entertainment to bring its popular Walking Dead show to their virtual metaverse.
  • SAND, the utility token of the platform, acts as a governance token. It gives users voting rights, which makes it a truly democratic system. It has a market capitalization of $434,894,765 with a total supply of 3,000,000,000 Sand coins.

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