Crypto Market Crash: What Mr. Cicero Has To Say

The next wave of bull cycle or supercycle in Metaverse tokens is about to come. No need to worry for this shakeup. It’s like whales have eaten all small fish. This is nothing different this time. The macro pattern is going to repeat this time like always.

BTC and Ethereum should always be 30-40% of the portfolio as when the next cycle starts, they will lead the rally. Start allocating to Altcoins in small coins when the BTC rally is finished.

Stop dabbling into futures as much as possible. The reason is you are fighting against professionals and your odds of winning become very low when you are not well-trained. Do nothing and wait for the bull run to begin.

Why This Crypto Crash Today

This crash is nothing but a whale moves to liquidate all long future positions. Mind my words, billions of dollars were liquidated. But it’s just a short-term move. We are still macro bullish and as long as you stay in the spot.

When whales decided that they have liquidated enough people, they jump back into the market to accumulate at lower levels and they jump to ride the supercycle. And since your money is lost, you will remain on the sidelines watching this supercycle taking place.

The massive supercycle which I am telling is certainly going to take place very soon.  I already said this bull run is guaranteed with 100% certainty. I said it over and over and said this again. If you miss out on this supercycle, it will be totally your fault. Stay in the SPOT and let the whales do their job. But make sure you don’t become the fish that gets eaten by the whales.

I don’t have a crystal ball. I made mistakes in the past where I followed the news, followed charts and it’s only then I realized all this is to fool retailers.  The data in the metrics is the key to everything. With that data, I don’t need to look at anything else.

The start of the bear market is always when everybody is euphoric. When everybody just wants to buy as if there is no tomorrow. That’s the time everybody is buying and whales are selling. Whales know it since they are the ones who orchestrate everything.

Ignore all of this news, analysis—all this is an illusion. Understand the game played by BIG BOYS in the market.  Strip it all down, look at the market structure and metrics. That’s it. Whales are accumulating, follow them. They are the ones who determine the outcome and direction. Following them will make you incredibly rich.

I can say with certainty that whales are now in their final phase of preparation for the supercycle. It’s not obvious now but will be clear very soon.

There is a timeless strategy that works always. Rinse and repeat. It’s doing nothing.  That’s why I recommend inaction. Let the big players do what they want to do. Let the street be littered with blood everywhere. Your inaction will save your life.  Just follow what’s already set in stone and certain, a supercycle that’s about to come.

Vikash Kumar

An investor with more than 15 years of experience in the market. I m deeply interested in positional and momentum-based trading strategies and love learning strategies and backtesting.

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