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Trade Setup For Monday: Nifty And Bank Nifty Outlook, Global Markets, Quarterly Results, Result Review

The market ended at the flat note on Monday and it was at times choppy clearly signalling fatigue in the market. The momentum has slowed down and may hit a pause button before resuming upward the journey. Outlook For Nifty: Technical Chart Analysis Short term traders and investors are advised to book partial profits near the supply zone of 18,300-18,400 levels as any violation of 18,100 levels may cause short term ...

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Trade Setup Today: Global Cues, Quarterly Results, Stocks in News And Crude Making New High

As we have pointed out that Nifty and the broader market may drag and witness some minor correction today as Nifty is facing strong resistance.  Let’s do a pre-market analysis for Monday: Nifty Outlook: Nifty facing resistance at the 18400 level and we may see the index consolidating it around the level with positive bias. It’s a Buy on Dip market for a few days. Bank Nifty Outlook: Sell Bank Nifty in ...

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Motherson Sumi

Motherson Sumi Fall, What It Means For Investors and F & O Traders

Shares of Motherson Sumi Systems crashed 22 per cent in Friday's session on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) ahead of the company's record date for demerger of its wiring harness undertakings. Both the scrip and the demerged entities have been under pressure following worries about their profitability and ability to grow their respective businesses. The record date for the new scheme of arrangement has been fixed on January 17. The new ...

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Trade Setup For Today: Nifty, Bank Nifty, Global Cues And Stocks Ideas For Today

The momentum in the market is intact, but some profit-taking can happen since the market has been bullish from the last few sessions. This is a Buy on Dip market. Despite the rising Covid cases, the market mood has been upbeat backed by strong global cues. Nifty Trade Set up For Today, Thursday 13 Jan: What The Chart Says Nifty is expected to open up negative or can have a flat start ...

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Hot Stock To Buy Today: This Chemical Stock Can Give 30% Return In Short Term

SRF Limited is a holding company engaged in the manufacturing of chemicals and polymers, technical textiles and packaging films. Chartmojo by Stockwits, a fast-emerging team of technical analysts with specialisation in breakout trading, has bet on SRF. Their logic is very simple. After forming the base pattern, it has given a decisive breakout with strong volume. Since it has broken ATH with strong volume, the probability of going up is quite high.  ...

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Top Smallcase to Buy in 2022: Omkara Opportunities Smallcase Review

Everyone in the stock market has a singular dream of generating wealth. That can only come through compounding when you invest for a long time regularly.  So, 2022 can be an ideal start to long term portfolio building and what can be the best way than to build a solid portfolio of small and midcap stocks with strong potential to generate a disproportionate return with limited downside. What is Smallcase? Smallcases™, developed ...

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Apoorv Averoy: The Master of Hidden Patterns ( Part I)

Apoorv Averoy, the B.Tech student at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, is a trader with deceptive looks. Prima facie, you can be mistaken with his teenage appearance that looks like a television star. But that's where the similarity ends. His command over chart patterns sets him apart in a different league altogether. Once he starts explaining charts, you have no option but to listen to him with rapt attention. ...

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Understanding Doji: A High Probability Doji Candle Price Action Trading Strategy

Doji is a powerful candle that is considered a powerful indication of a trend reversal. The problem, however, is it is least understood in the price action trading strategy. Only 1 % of traders understand it correctly and use it effectively in trading. In this article, you will learn some really powerful concepts pertaining to the Doji candle as propounded by Stephen Bigalow. What is Doji? A Doji candlestick is formed when ...

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Price Action Trading Secrets: 3 Charts for Trendline Breakout Strategy That You Must Watch

Price moves in trends. Massive profits can be made when a trendline is broken in either direction. This is the beauty of the Price Action Trading strategy. If you are like a tiger on a prowl, wait for the set-up to complete and once your desired pattern is formed, the risk-reward ratio is amazingly in your favour, presenting great opportunities to profit. Here are the 3 setups for Trend Line Breakout Strategy:   Immediate ...

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Vishvesh Chauhan

How Vishvesh Chauhan Predicted 17% Rally In Tata Motors: Decoding the Mind of a Super Trader

There are great trainers, and then, there are great traders who can just trade. It’s difficult to find both rolled into one. Vishvesh Chauhan, the founder of “Chase Alpha”,  is a rare gem that fits both. However, don’t make the mistake of putting him in the league of business channels chartists who gives you slim targets. He has the guts to go against the wave and tell something in advance that mere mortals ...

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