Should You Start Buying Cryptos Now? Buy The Dip Now

Cryptocurrencies have plunged in value by hundreds of billions of dollars, causing a rout affecting digital token prices across the board. The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has fallen by more than 10 per cent in the last week and was testing $40,000 levels on Monday. Some others suffered even a greater degree of pain. For example, Gala, Loopring, Axis Infinity have witnessed one-third of the value over a week. Analysts attribute the Fed's ...

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Metaverse Play2Earn Supercycle Is Inevitable: Mr. Cicero New Year Message To Crypto Investors

Perception is more powerful than reality. I don’t mean any by that statement. I want to show you how influential news writers are. Motivated by Fear, Greed, Reputation, Knowledge, Understanding, many people are trying to create an atmosphere of fear around this industry to manipulate you into selling your assets. At the same time, they take advantage of the situation by buying in cheaper. The same goes for the crypto industry. ...

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DeFi or NFT: Why They Matter to Metaverse Ecosystem

Have you heard of? Do you know what they stand for? You might already be familiar with CryptoKitties that disrupted Ethereum’s ecosystem or Monero’s XMR coin which was the first currency to solve the anonymity problem in Blockchain. But are you aware of their latest projects impacting our daily lives? When Facebook first announced that it was making moves towards the blockchain and virtual reality space, the naysayers like myself came ...

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Gala coin image

This Top Metaverse Coin May Rise: GALA USD Price Prediction

GALA/USD Price Chart Analysis Gala is among the top metaverse tokens and is considered very promising. However, it has corrected in a huge way after a peak of 0.8 on 26 November. The current market price is $0.48. A correction of 25-30 % and it is hovering around this price in just 8-10 days. Since it has been launched recently, we have taken a 4-hour time period for technical chart analysis. As of ...

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